Thursday, July 15, 2010

Art for sale part 3.

ok, so both of these are hanging at a gallery show right now. the current price for smurfette is $125 framed. if it doesnt sell there i will take offers for it framed and unframed. it is 16x20 acrylic and ink on paper.
cobra commmander is 24x36 and comes with a 12x18 advertisement print both framed. current price is $300. It it doesnt sell, i will listen to offers for it framed and unframed.
Also, if anyone is looking for a a commissioned cartoon piece in the cubist style like the smurfette i will do the same size if the price is reasonable. email me here or on facebook.

art for cheap

ok so this is 6 feet long x 4 feet high acrylic and ink on paper. just make me an offer. if its out of state ill have to work on shipping to get a price for that. email here or facebook.

Trying to get rid of stuff part 1.

ok, im trying to unload some artwork. No point in it sitting in my house. just email me an offer on here or facebook. all of these but the luchadore are 18x24 watercolor/ink. and the luchadore is about 11x17 and is mixed media on illustration board.