Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More artwork from my Comic

Here are some more pages from my book without the dialogue and sound effects. They are some of the black and white pages from the section where the main character battles Nazi's within his own dream. I guess i need to explain a little about the process that went into this book being made. I did a group 24 hour comic jam were a group of artists came up with an idea for a story and created the comic within a 24 hour time period. Much like 24 comic day, but altered a little bit to see what would happen when multiple artists were drawing on the same page and within the same panels. I had inked over one artists drawings and found that you just couldn't duplicate his line quality when you inked over his pencil drawings. So i decided with this book, i would cut out the process of pencinling onto the pages and just ink staright onto the pages. So i roughed out the panels on a seperate page and planned everything out, then inked the pages freehand. There were two things i hoped to accomplish; not having to duplicate lines that i had already drawn, and i also wanted any messups and the bleed of the pen to show as i worked through the process on the page. I like the way things turned out and i look forward to working more like this in the future. Please leave any comments about the drawings, even if you hate them- i like that shit just as much as a compliment.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Hellboy fan art

I'm posting some fan hellboy fan art done on July 4th in remembrance of that great american icon Hellboy on his special holiday. the drawings were done by Mike Maydak, J.C. Filer(, Doug Meyer, and myself. The First pic is a little fuzzy cause i just took photos of the page, my scanner is buried under some boxes (dont feeling like explaining any further). It was a pretty wild night that included some drunken wives, cheapo fireworks, and a black penis cake. i'm not really into penis but i do like cake cause i'm a bit of a fatty. i also put up a couple of pics of our table from Chicago that my wife took, i don't normally take pictures at the shows.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First post: back from Chicago

This is my very first post on here and there will hopefully be many more to come. I just got back from Wizard comic con in Chicago. I had a small press table with J.C. Filer, Mike Maydak, and Doug Meyer and it was a fun and exhausting time. I sold and traded some copies of my new book called Comatose, and bought a ton of quarter comics. i'm looking forward to reading everything that I picked up from there. i have posted a couple of pages from my book above and will try to get some more drawings up within the week. you can pick the book up at